EC Ju Jitsu Almere

Last weekend we had a great event in Almere, the Europen Championship Ju Jitsu. With 19 of the Dutch finest to enter the competition we were ready for fireworks. On day one we had Fighting and Duo Men / Woman. See our facebook page for the winners on Day one
On day two we had Newaze, Duo Mixed and the Country Team competition. See our facebook page for the winners on Day Two
Since I took pictures for the organisation some of them are already on-line, see the official pages of JBN-Wedstrijd-JuJitsu and the JJIF

For a complete impression visit this link for Day one or this link for Day two.

Athlethes of: Germany, Swiss, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Ukraine, Italy, France, Belgium, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Romania, Israel, Russia, Poland, Azerbaijan, Greece, Turkey and of course The Netherlands were participating at the European Championship JuJitsu at Almere, they represented 312 participants, and more than 150 coaches/medics/officals. Thank you all for this great event.

The medal winnars are in this document. For more detailed poule information and results please visit the website of Judo Bond Nederland.